Why Do You Need Appliance Tagging Services?

May 28, 2020 Off By Luigi De Luca

Appliance tagging services or more commonly known as the test and tag is the process which is carried out on the electrical appliance before these are launched in the market. These procedures include the testing of the appliance to ensure that it is free from all kind of damage and faults and is therefore, appropriate to operate. The appliance tagging services are performed by a technician who is expert in the given electrical appliance use and he makes sure that the electrical appliance in the testing passes all the test of the electrical safety.

For every country, the protocols of test and tag cost are different and are set by a regulatory body. In case of Australia, the WHS defines these along with the electrical safety body.

Once the appliance is tested then it is tagged, if the appliance is tagged as the damaged this means that it is not safe to use this and therefore, it needs to be fixed or replaced immediately and cannot be used in the workplace. If the appliance has a cleared tagged, then that means that is free from any kind of faults and could continue its operation in the workplace.

When is the appliance tagging services needed?

The appliance tagging service is not a onetime ask and not only performed when the appliance is first bought but this is done every now and then to make sure that the appliance is still safe to work with. The machines and the power tools become unsafe due to the constant use and operation and these could cause harm and damage to the person using this. Therefore, the appliance tagging services are done periodically to identify if there is any such appliance in the use. Every workplace where such tools are used are regulated by the country to have these services from a professional expert and keep records of every details.

Which equipment needs to be tested and tagged?

In a workplace, there are two types of the equipment. One is the company owned and the second is the employee personal belongings. Although the appliance tagging services applies to both of these but this the responsibility of the company and the employee. This means that all the employee’s personal chargers and mobile phones along with the company equipment such as the drills, grinders, wired items, and other electrical appliance needs to be tested and tagged.

How much times does this process take?

Since the testing and tagging is done on individual electrical appliance and the time that it will take depends on the amount of the equipment that you have and each equipment will not take more than several minutes. Although for each appliance, the safety tests are different and therefore, the time of testing one appliance could vary from another. In the time, when the technician is testing the appliance, it needs to be switched off and power must be cut. Browse this website to find out more details.