Step By Step Plan To Travel Abroad

January 20, 2020 Off By Luigi De Luca

Holidays abroad are an interesting event. Exotic places have a high risk of possible health problems and are unlikely to find adequate medical care.

Plan your travel health as carefully as your travel medicine has taught by proposing travel tips to ensure a safe, happy and healthy vacation.

1. Get vaccinated before leaving.

There should be information about vaccines in all the countries to which you want to travel. He also proposed preventive measures for a healthy trip.

2. Do not clean with Bottled water.

Local water sometimes carries parasites and bacteria that can cause non-local diseases. Therefore, do not use bottled water, such as tap water. If you boil water from the local tap for more than 1 minute instead of bottled water, it can kill all the diseases that can cause the disease.

3. Vegetables and peel fruits

Like local water, food can cause diseases to travellers. It is better not to eat food purchased from street vendors. Dr Rosenfeld recommends fresh fruits and vegetables, not peel and do not peel. Make sure the food you eat is fully cooked.

4. Pack additional prescription medications.

It is no worse than using all the necessary medications during the holidays. Take more medication than expected to prepare for unexpected situations. Be prepared because delays and unexpected situations may occur.

5. First aid kit preparation

Always prepare two kits when travelling. One is stored in a bag and the other is stored for one person. The suitcases include anti-movement, diarrhoea and mild laxatives. Preferred decongestants and antihistamine packages must have hydrocortisone and antifungal creams. Keep latex gloves, bandages, moleskin and antibiotic cream in a personal kit. Selected anti-inflammatory and throat medications are also important.

6. Invest in travel insurance.

If you do not have a crystal ball, it is better to buy travel insurance. This means that you will not be financially or emotionally disappointed when you have travel problems.

7. Do not swim in the lake or pond.

Lakes and ponds can have parasites and bacterial diseases. Do not swim in calm waters. It is better to swim in the sea or goat pools. But you should avoid swimming in the local river.

8. Prepare the mosquitoes.

Sunscreen and insect repellent packaging

Apply sunscreen and repellent on the whole body and clothes. Mosquitoes that infect malaria are more active at dusk and dawn. Mosquitoes that attack in the day have a propensity to infect dengue fever.

If an unexpected injury or illness has reached a member of the travel group, ask for help from one or more organizations specialized in this type of situation like the skin clinic. The International Travel Medicine course providers and Hygiene Association have a website and can provide information about the clinic in your area. Prepare yourself and travel healthy. Enjoy your holidays without worrying because you already know that you are in the worst situation. Of course, when you’re ready, the worst happens.