Different Types Of Floor Tiles

Different Types Of Floor Tiles

October 17, 2019 Off By Luigi De Luca

Tiles have been part of the human architecture from millenniums. The use of tiles dated back to 2500 years. Even after this many centuries, tiles are still around and have been evolved into different styles. Initial tiles were made of stone but now with advancement in material sciences, tiles can also be made from numerous material. The primary use of floor tiles Melbourne, but they can be used for walls also. The tiles provide stability to the floor plus use for the décor. There are much different material used for making tiles, some of the common tiles are as follows;

Ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are the most popular type of tiles. Due to their durability and they can be applied anywhere. For example, they are perfect for kitchen, bathroom, and living rooms or outdoor. The ceramic tiles are cheaper as compare to other tiles like marble or porcelain. Ceramic tiles are easier to install, can be cleaned with minimum effort and required less maintenance. The ceramic tiles are available in numerous patterns and colors, this is also one of the reasons that they can apply anywhere.

Porcelain tiles:

The porcelain tiles are also popular because they provide the natural and traditional look. As they are made from different rocks or sand containing multiple textures, when installed they give an elegant feel. But porcelain is difficult to install and need care as they are fragile compared to ceramic tiles.

Marble tiles:

Marble is a natural rock. This can be said as one of the expensive and beautiful rock. The marble tiles are preferred when you want to give a luxurious look. The marble tiles are also very durable but they need periodic polishing. Because with time they can get faded. They are susceptible to stains and scratches and also very difficult to clean. The marble tiles will always require specific polishing to maintain its shines. Marble tiles are not easy to install, number one; they are heavier and two, they need real craftsmanship for installation otherwise a layman can damage a tile while installing

Cement tiles:

The cement tiles have been in popular use from the last two centuries. Cement tiles are perfect for outdoor floor applications but can also be used indoors. Cement Tiles provides a wide range of patterns and designs. As compare to marble tiles, these tiles are cost-effective but they need frequent resealing otherwise they can loosen up with time and ends up damaged.

Glass tiles:

The glass will always be used for décor, same is the case with glass tiles. Glass tiles are not recommended for the floor but people use it where traffic is very low and they want to display elegance. Whereas glass tiles are popular for application on walls or roof. Glass tiles are also fragile and difficult to install. They are always a risk that glass tiles can get broken and become a hazard.