Be An Eco-friendly

May 17, 2020 Off By Luigi De Luca

Our environment is destroying day by day due to unnecessary use of those things which are harmful for our earth. Our earth is an ultimate source of life. Earth and its compounds are source of our living we cannot sustain with our globe. From few decades our earth is become valuable for lives due to some industries. Our earth is spoiled by some of bigwig and their inhumane activates. In the whole scenario wooden made utensils play pivotal role. Wooden utensils are more eco-friendly as compare to other material some of benefits are:

Reduce pollution:

Water pollution and earth pollution is increasing day by day. Biggest cause of earth pollution is plastic. Nowadays mostly utensils we use are mostly made up of plastic. One time use plastic bags, cups, spoons and plates increases pollution. They best way to cope with this pollution is used of wooden utensils. Wooden utensils especially cups, plates and spoon reduce usage of plastic. Wooden utensils are more durable than other utensils. It can be used for long time as compared to other utensils.


Plastic is toxic because it is made up of different kinds of chemicals that are health hazardous for human. Plastic adds more pollution in our oceans because it takes two decades for dissolving. As compare to plastic, wooden utensils are more durable wooden utensils do not contain non-toxic material. It can be used for years without any harm and toxicity.

Less expensive:

Plastic material spoils faster than wooden utensils. It decreases the expenses of purchasing new utensils from time to time. Wooden utensils are more elegant than plastic utensils. Wood has more benefits than plastic.

Easily decompose:

Plastic and other materials take time to decompose than wood. A plastic takes more than two decades to decompose. In this span of time more plastic is used by people and the result is more pollution increases. Some plastics are one time used and we can recycle it again on the other hand wooden utensils can easily decompose and after the decomposition of wood: it makes the land more fertile. It is true that wood never dies we can use it again and again from time to time in different shapes and in different style. Wooden utensils are best sources to reduce pollution from earth.

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